Das Ding


b/w Super 8 Film / HD, 4:3
Duration: 6’21”
Year: 2014

An experimental film about otherness and abominations.

In Black Sun, her classic work on depression, the French psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva writes: This means that the psychic void and the painful affect that constitutes its minute yet intense expression settle in place instead of shameful loss. Depressive behavior develops on the basis of and within such a void. Blank activity, lacking meaning, may just as well follow a deathbearing course (killing the rival who steals the partner) or an innocuous one (wearing herself out doing housework or checking the children’s homework). She remains constantly restrained by an aching psychic wrapping, anesthetized, as if “dead”. (1989, Columbia University Press, eng. Leon S. Roudiez, p. 82)

The film  examines melancholy and the landscape of internal emptiness. What directions the psyche of the depressed person takes as it flees the lost object, and how the internal syntax tries to replace her with the dead person’s chair.

Das Ding (fr. Chose, eng. Thing), that alluring and horrifying abode of sexuality, the lost maternal object that hasn’t had the time to become an object. The ‘something’ that keeps flickering and refuses signification. The film, reflecting the tradition of silent cinema, frames this archaic remnant. This ice field of the mind that shies from names and illuminates like an imaginary sun.

Niko Skorpio
Anna Alkiomaa
Laura Laukkanen
Heidi Hemmilä

Writer, director, cinematographer & editor: Tiina Lehikoinen
Gaffer: Anna-Mari Nousiainen