Cheesestyle (2015)


Year: 2016
Mixed media

Governmental budget cuts are often referred to as slicing cheese. This year the state’s budget has been cut aplenty, and there’s more on the way. To prevent ”cheese” from running out, I made a series of cheese paintings. Cheesestyle exhibits both hard and soft breeds. There’s edam, there’s gouda, and a great variety of blue cheese.

What do we talk about when we talk about cheese? The food’s origin can be located at approximately 5500 BCE , and the word ‘cheese’ derives from the latin caseus (”cheese”). Cheese is produced in various ways, and its style, texture and taste depend on the sort of milk used in the making. On the other hand, photographers use ”Say Cheese!” to make their subjects laugh. My painting installations occupy a middle ground between abstract and figurative painting. The cheese in question is both material and abstract.

Robert Motherwell noted in 1955: “Pictures are vehicles of passion, of all kinds and orders, not pretty luxuries like sports cars. In our society, the capacity to give and to receive passion is limited. For this reason, the act of painting is a deep human necessity, not the production of a hand-made commodity”. Motherwell’s views on painting are still topical.

Art is fundamentally about sensibilities and sensitivity, and different aesthetic experiences broaden our emotional lives. There’s need for images of all kinds – as the number of cheese breeds attests.

Take a bite!